2022 - 2023 VEX Robotics Competition - Spin Up

For those of you who want more details of our FTC 8644 Brainstormers double-collector ring-shooting robot that had the #1 OPR last year, we still have that robot put together and plan to do a zoom session to walk through it. Please DM us if you are interested.


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Yes, theres nothing stopping you from pushing disks into your own goal.

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Do any of you know what the heaviest part is? Is it steel, or something else? I’m thinking of a tetherbot, so like…help?

a steal plate is very good for density. shafts are also a good alternative.

Thank you!
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I feel like you’d have to buy a lot of tank treads for this to be viable seeing as they break kind of easily and it’s almost certain that another robot is going to drive over these and break them. And even if the tank treads don’t actually break but disconnect from each other that probably won’t count for any points.

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On account of the “probably”, I’m suggesting you check the Spin Up Game Manual, and on account of the fact that this is something I read myself, I’m quoting <G5>:

<G5> Keep your Robots together. Robots may not intentionally detach parts during the Match or leave mechanisms on the field.

Note: Parts which become detached unintentionally and therefore a Minor Violation are no longer considered “part of a Robot,” and should be ignored for the purposes of any rules which involve Robot contact (e.g., Covering field tiles, contacting a Low Goal, horizontal expansion, etc.) or Robot size.


Hey guys, I have a question about the scoring rule. How will it count when the dusk lands at the top of the high goal instead of inside it. We tried couple times with our launcher and surprisingly, sometimes it landed at the top of the high goal place

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Take a look at rule SC2 and figure 13 in the Game Manual - that should answer your question.


To answer your question yes it counts

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Well, if you’re going to straight out give an answer to an RTM question, at least give a good answer.

Imagine I’m your worst nightmare: a referee at a tournament that is not certified, and I say it doesn’t count. Prove me wrong.

Giving a good answer means you are going to read the manual for me, and give me the rule that applies, by rule number, maybe even quote the rule in your answer. But @holbrook has the better answer, directing the person to the specific rule number in the manual so they can read it themselves.