2022 Vex IQ VEX Robotics World Championship Discussion

Detailed agenda is out!


At the top of the agenda it says:

" * Teams should arrive at the venue by 10 AM on their first day of competition."

But the actual agenda shows the venue doesn’t open until 12pm on Sunday for the 21st day of VIQC MS.

Is that a typo? Or should we have everyone there and ready to line up at the doors 2 hours before it opens?

I’ve done enough FRC events to know sometimes there’s good reason to do the latter, and just want to make sure whether this is one of them?


There is some great info here, this is our school’s second time qualifying for Worlds. The last time was the start of covid and we didn’t get to go. One question I am trying to figure out is how does everyone transport their robots? I would love any advice you have for taking robots on planes? It seems like my families have gone rogue with their flights, so it looks like I am going to be traveling with the robot. I assume this is carried on to the plane versus being checked. Is the shipping option worth it? My concern with shipping is we will lose our robot and not have time to practice and prepare, also the robot getting lost is a big concern as well.

Thanks for any advice.

For IQ, all of our IQ teams will be carrying-on their IQ bots. For VRC, we’re shipping bots in robosource.net shipping cases via UPS. (A couple of our teams are driving, and obviously taking their bots in their vehicles).

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My team is in IQ. Is anyone else planning on taking part or all of a field, and how would you recommend taking it? I think the team is planning on mailing it, but that seems expensive and risky, but also what are your options? Would you take it in the belly, or carry-on?

We are from North Carolina and won’t be taking our iq field. This game doesn’t require detailed practice with your teammate and they’re expensive/hard to travel with.

I am honestly wondering how many of you are taking a bus versus a plane, we are being forced to take a bus but even with the two teams from our school it seems overkill to take a coach bus with 12 people on the 48 hour round trip ride. I understand the batteries but that is a long time to be with some of my teammates.

We are going on a plane, all 5 teams, and we managed to get 3 fields shipped to dallas for pretty cheap on a freight flight.

We attempted to fill one whole bag with the field and became very successful. We are going to Iowa and that is the strat we will be using

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Has there been any talk of an afterparty event sponsored by REC on any of the days?

Not sure, everything that should happen at worlds is gonna be on the vex worlds site.

Well, we can always do an after party of our own! The UT teams are gonna try to go to six flags and do some tours of the Dallas fort worth area. Y’all are welcome to join us.

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Six flags is closed on weekdays…

There is a lot of talk/information about shipping Robots to Worlds. Does anyone know if it is allowable to ship a practice field using the same information for Robot shipping?

Ship whatever you want! It’s not like anybody is going to look in your boxes :slightly_smiling_face:. Basically, the only shipping information is that the convention center will receive your shipment for you. There is a UPS shipping center on site to make arrangements for shipping back. The plan for our organization is to ship all our stuff in robosource containers, which will be costing us about $40 each way, and I will be providing the teams with prepaid shipping labels to ship the robosource boxes back home. Each team will just take their prepaid box to that UPS shipping site and drop it off when worlds is done (less work for me). If you potentially have a sponsor (or a parent who works with a friendly company who might be willing to do it for you) with a UPS shipping account, business shipping rates are less than residential rates, and they could make prepaid labels for you to and from their business to the convention center.


Sorry to switch gears, but assumed this should go here vs starting a new thread.

As I watch the US Open today, I have questions more about how the matches are ref’d at worlds. I’m going to assume the people running the US Open are different than Worlds, but they are all legit questions/concerns since the Open has the Worlds feel to it. And before anyone tells me to read the manual, I have, several times :grinning: .

  • The match is over when the buzzer starts, correct (not ends)?
  • Balls shot while the buzzer starts count, but launching a shot while the buzzer is ending shouldn’t?
  • A high hang that’s not done/ still moving when the buzzer starts shouldn’t count as a high hang (I’m going with obvious vs just a hair away)?
  • I’ve seen lots of teams don’t switch until around 23-24 seconds, some accidental, some maybe strategic. I’ve seen one top ranked constantly change at 22-23 almost every match
  • If you set your controller down before your hang is done, should it be counted (it shouldn’t per the rules)? Are they watching for that?
  • Will there be an official measuring tool for high hang? (As I haven’t seen a single one used for the Open)

So it sounds like I’m venting when I reread the above, though I’m really not, I swear. I’m more concerned with fair scoring. What do we do if we see a field ref’s constantly allowing scoring after the buzzer? Who do you go to when you see teams stretching the rules? Are the Ref’s making notes of teams swapping late? I’m going to assume there is likely only one ref per match or is there two? (i would assume finals will have two refs to watch both robots?)

Happy to move to move this to it’s own thread if that’s where people feel it should go.

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There’s a lot of references to “the buzzer” but the real reference that the referee’s use is the timer display. The match stops when the timer reaches “0”. On many T/M systems, and especially if you’re watching a video or stream, the “sounds” do not always sync exactly with the video.

Correct, the buzzer starts when it hits zero and that should be it. I was watching the timer as well at times, as you are right, there could be a small delay between them. I know someone there in person who has similar thoughts as well, so I wasn’t the only one thinking that as well. I just wanted to highlight some things I saw from the Open (and even regular season) and see how these different use cases should be addressed at worlds. I’m sure one of these scenarios will happen at worlds (and in finals) and figured it would be best to talk about it beforehand instead of when it happens in Realtime and no one knows for sure the best way to handle these.

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What rule makes you think that? Per G12, as long as the robot is done moving hanging before the timer hits 0 the hang should count, no?

Per the definition of “High Hanging”, a 1x15 beam (or other 15-hole-long structure) can be used to check. But in most cases I think it should be easy to see whether the robot is above the bottom of the low bar, since the low bar is right there.


I doubt the US Open required & checked if the head Ref’s to have a Head Referee Certification. Can anyone confirm?

I think that’s a bit generous. In my opinion, the US Open has been failing to deliver quality of experience for VEX IQ students that is seen in many State Championships and Signature events.