2023 - 2024 Q&A's Now Open

The Q&A’s for VRC Over Under, and VIQRC Full Volume are now open!
(Note: The VEX U Q&A will open upon the release of Appendix C)

Before posting your question, we ask that you first thoroughly review the associated Usage Guidelines.

Looking forward to a great 2023 - 2024 season!

VRC Q&A / Usage Guidelines
VIQRC Q&A / Usage Guidelines


I did read carefully the Usage Guidelines for VRC - I am puzzled as to why we are required to read the Spin Up Game Manual??!!!???

1. Read and search the manual before posting.

  • The Q&A is not a replacement for the official VRC Spin Up Game Manual. Many, many of the questions asked each year could be answered by simply pressing Ctrl+F and searching the manual (or using the search feature in VRC Hub). The VRC Game Manual is a relatively short document and a valuable tool - please use it!

Perhaps the Usage Guidelines are in alpha stage of development for this season :slight_smile:


First two questions in the IQ Q&A, one is valid, one is RTM…anybody want to speculate on the real one?


I’m going to guess that block go back to supply zone.

My bad…the “RTM” is actually a request to correct a typo on a metric conversion, so it’s a good question too.