2023 - 2024 VEX IQ Robotics Competition Game Full Volume TM

Hi does anyone know when the TM update will come out so I have time to understand it

Understanding VIQC HUB was hard enough :rofl:

A TM update is probably still several weeks away at least.
There’s often a delay after worlds before it gets published.

However, updates to Tournament Manager typically don’t make major changes.

  • If you’re completely new to the software, you may as well download the current version and start learning it.
  • If you’ve already been using it, not much will change when they add support for the new games.
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Thamk you for telling me this

I did recently download TM so i would understand it for a future event i might help run

I had to wach some RCE videos thougt because it was complicated but i am know comfortable wit the TM software