2023 - 2024 VEX Robotics Competition - Over Under

Introducing the 2023 - 2024 VEX Robotics Competition Game, Over Under!

Just like last year, we are not releasing any documentation until the Closing Ceremonies of the Middle School / VEX U Competition on Saturday.

I can at least release the links where all documentation will eventually live. In the meantime, each of these links will point to a countdown page, but will be redirected to their respective documents when the time comes.

Best of luck this season!


That’s crazy and confusing. Seems fun!


One of the worst game I have seen. Such a downgrade from Spin Up. For one, you are basically limited in your robot size if you want to cross over fields. Two, the game is gonna be so bad as we don’t have things like FRC do.


This past year’s FRC challenge is extremely similar to “Over Under”. google FRC “charged up”.

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I’m just ready to see all the robots climb 12 feet in the endgame.


What sort of expansion limits will there be?


the new meta:

the acorn shaped objects are definitely unexpected, I’m looking forward to working with them this year :slight_smile:


This field looks like it’s going to be fun, yet also confusing. Also, this might be the first time there are more match loads than scoring elements in the field itself. Also wonder how it will tie to the IQ field


It will either be really interesting and cool, or very messy with the rules (making it not enjoyable).


The game things should be called ankles because acorn and triangle


Seems like both an exciting yet convoluted game. Hopefully, some of the confusion will be cleared up when the manual is released.


Oh no this looks completely complicated

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Two things.

a. I’m thinking this will be one of the better games.

b. Will the game objects self-right if turned over?


can robots cross over the black barrier in the middle of the field??


Flex wheel elevator bot?

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I’m calling the meta:
Robot 1: intakes from the match load station and Throws it to the goal
Robot 2: Pushes the acorn into the goal
Why?: it gets around the holding limitation and barrier slow down. Teams could cycle an acorn every two seconds with this method

Notes: Top teams will figure out a way to throw really fast using an intake and a flywheel. Cata throwers will dominate at first but flywheels will take over. Eventually teams will have a hopper and just be able to catch and place instead of pushing.

Robot 2: Climbs to the top of the post
Robot 1: Climbs up and places robot 2 ontop of itself so robot two is the highest bot and goes above the pole.(this might be illegal though)

Auton: Same Tossing idea

The average score at Worlds: 100

Skills: teams will throw a lot and then go back and then push.

Names: the throwing bot will be called an “Over”. The pushing bot will be called an “Under”.

The big question: How do you play as an under? You can’t always count on your teammates and it is a selfless bot. You would be an interesting pick in elims. Allience selection might be wild because of an Over / Under ratio mismatch.

The big challenges:
-How do you throw and catch consistently? I bet in a year, teams will be limited by the speed of the drive team placing acorns, so they need to place fast and accurately.
-What happens if your intake jams?
-What happens if they ban throwing?
-How can you line up with a team that you don’t know
-How can you catch or throw and face opposition? Will teams lock themselves down? These robots are going to be light, so pushing would become a serious issue.

We have 365 days to figure this out, but these are some challenging questions that we just don’t know the answer to. The biggest threat I see in this meta is that we would have to fall into it. Being selfish can help; it provides security and wins. Nobody knows the meta, and this is just my prediction. This prediction could just be a laugh in 2 days when the manual drops.


It seems like an exciting and complicated game . Hopefully we will understand more once the game manual comes out. Cant wait to start building a new robot.

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This is a very confusing game. But it does seem fun and tricky.

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That’s what I was saying to my team mate just earlier tonight. In addition, one of the other FRC games, Rapid React, had a similar elevation endgame.

I vote that instead of calling the game elements tri-ball or acorn we call them by there actual name Reuleaux tetrahedron.