2023 - 2024 VEX Robotics Competition - Over Under

Wondering if this drivetrain would be viable for over under its 600rpm motors gearing is 36 tooth to 60 tooth 2.75” wheels. Wondering is a traction wheel in the centre better.


Depends what problems you are trying to solve your design criteria& constraints are… Presenting an implementation with no context is a big ask.


6 motors would be better if you are doing 4m drive i would gear it slower probably in the 46-60 incher per second range

Good for under, but not over.


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You might look at Xenon27s post about drivetrains (Catalogue of Drive Gearings) to get some observations and, as lascap notes, compare those observations to your design intent.


Is anyone else having issues accessing the game manual? Whenever I click the link at the top of this forum it refreshes the page. I have tried getting the game manual from the vex website from the competition introduction page but it redirects me to about:blank every time. Is anyone else experiencing this or is it just my device?

Working fine for me.

The link above uses our link.vex system, which always redirects to the most up to date version of the manual. If you’re looking for the actual URL of the current manual, it can be found here.


Thank, im guessing it must be my device/network (both are owned by my school) because it gives me an untitled webpage. I will try this again on my personal device later. Thanks for the help

Quick question and clarification are the aluminium Versa hubs allowed for VRC. Cause here it says they are interchangeable . Vex Library Article.

For a part to be VRC legal, it has to be listed as V5 compatible on VEXRobotics.com. The VRC legal flexwheels and accessories can be found here:

Note that there are VRC legal aluminum versahubs on that page, but not all the aluminum versahubs that VEX sells are VRC legal.

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How meta will autoaim be this season

According to rule R6(a) of the game manual (https://link.vex.com/docs/23-24/vrc-over-under/GameManual) a part is legal if the catalog page on vexrobotics.com says they are:

Go to the page for flex wheels and look for the part you want to use:

I doubt there will be much to do with autoaim. This game doesn’t require precision if you launch the triballs aside from being able to keep it in the field. Plus, however accurate you can shoot the acorns is kind of undermined by the funny shape that will bounce like a football.


Ive seen a lot of people discussing a catapult design and a flywheel design (which i personally like because it can rapid fire) but i havent read anything about a piston puncher design that pushes the triballs across to the offensive zone using pneumatics. would this work? what would the pros and cons be?


My team has discussed a “kicker” design that would kick triballs across the ground, but has decided not to use it.
It would be harder to use match loads with it, it would be a little harder to get the elevation needed to get over the barrier, it would probably be inaccurate based off of what part of the triball is hit.
Worth experimenting though.

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Why don’t you try it and find out?


You only get limited uses out of anything that uses pneumatics. But try it and see, you might find something that works.

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What do you mean here? Without the match loads there would be a limited number of triballs on the field. I think the following scenarios occur.

  1. You shoot and your alliance member tries to push as many as they can under the goal.
  2. Your opponent can play defense on your alliance member, but it means they wont be sending any match loads over.
  3. I think ramming these over the middle barrier as quick as possible will be the play, picking up will take too long. Ie as triballs are coming over you’re just ramming them back over.
  4. There is a scenario where both alliances have a shooter and a collector, there are 22 match loads, you need to send one over about once every three seconds to get them over and have some time to then play defense or push them back over.

What is the example you are suggesting?

We have discussed a few options. It has come down to how quick we can get them over.

105 seconds of driver, 22 match loads. One per 3 seconds leaves you 39 seconds (in that time you’re driving to the match load zone, and whatever your end game strat is).

So which shooter gets them over in 3 seconds or less per shot would be my question.

I think i will, unfortunately my team doesn’t have the game object or pistons yet so it will be a while.