2023 - 2024 VEX Robotics Competition - Over Under

Put a traction wheel in the center, unless if you want to be easily pinned

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Some people, like myself, prefer all omni drive. If you get pushed from the side you’re gonna get pushed from the side, especially with all of the 6 motor drive bots.


The team colored tribals are in all modes. However when you are in driver control there is only a colored tribal for your own team. The colored triballs can be placed anywhere for the respective point for example if you get it in either your or the other team’s offensive zone its two points. Same with the goal if you get your team colored tribal in either your goal or the other team’s goal it’s still worth two points.

we can’t press cover anybody anymore it’s a minor violation

Throw me a bone. I’ve read the current rules twice but missed this one. Which section/page?

it’s on page 9 they changed pinning and holding

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On the current rules, near top of page 9 there’s the following:

Page 11, change up 3 years ago:

Other than the lifting addition… I don’t see a noticeable difference.

Now if I look at g16, page 32… that sounds like what you are calling ‘press cover’.


I meant head on head with the robot touching the loading bar or goal

Push bots will be useful this season.

Far as I can tell, that’s still allowed PROVIDED that you back off in under 5 seconds and stay away for 5 seconds.

Given that the field is in 2 halves with narrow passages… it’s gonna be VERY easy to pull a violation this year.

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A push bot will be able to push acorns around and thats it, if you want a high scoring robot you will need a launcher of some sort, a good claw, an endgame mech, and to be able to push well and drive fast. So if you want to make it to worlds I would suggest a more complicated bot then just a push bot.


I’m hopeful that this year will have multiple good bot options. A push bot, taken to extremes could be interesting (medium chassis size for maneuverability, x drive, steel for weight, 8 motor drive).


I wouldn’t think that heavy pushbots would be good this year. If you want to be a good pushbot, my thought would be that you would at least need a good endgame, and to be able to carry your opponent in the endgame, so you could guarantee 35 points from endgame. (20 for partner in top tier, 15 for yourself in second tier.) A robot made of only steel could weigh 20 pounds, and given that you need to carry another 16+ pound robot, it wouldn’t be the best idea to build a steel push bot.

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Do I think such a bot would win? No. But could it be very upsetting at a competition? Yes,

I think this is the best game since the cubes/cups from 5(?) years ago.

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if a good push bot gets paired with a good launcher they are the robot equivalent Shaq and Kobe


I do agree with you that you could have a push bot that can score well with a robot assisting it but when the bot gets a bot as there teamate for a match that is also a push bot it would be a very big disadvantage for that team since they have no efficiant way of transporting triballs across the field.

W Post not even gonna lie


I can confirm that 8-motor drive well-executed pushbots in Spin Up were very upsetting to some teams at competitions.


Even if you didn’t use motor sharing to have some sort of scoring option with an 8 motor base, a pushbot with a sloped top could have match loads set on top that then roll under the elevation bar.

Good pushbots can be very helpful, but they are very hard to find. However, many times I would find good push bots be better alliance partners than bad scorers. The important thing is to be good at whatever you do. However, it is difficult for a push bot to receive awards like skills, excellence, and design, even at local competitions.