2023-24 Qualifying Criteria Update - Clarifications needed

This is regarding the latest posted updates for 2023-24 Qualifying Criteria, need some help in contextualising it to Singapore’s (SG) situation.

  1. Regarding the definition of “active” teams

Spot Allocation from Event Region Championships

The Spot Level charts found in the appendices are used to specify which awards at an Event Region Championship will qualify for the 2024 World Championship. World Championship spots are allocated to an Event Region based on the following criteria.

  • Having at least 1 team that has registered and paid on RobotEvents.com by December 15, 2023
  • The number of active teams in an Event Region on December 15, 2023
    • An “active team” is defined as a team who has registered for at least one (1) qualifying event

Is the “qualifying event” mentioned here referring to from local to regional? or from regional to worlds?

Either way, it feels strange for SG.
We don’t need to have local qualifying for our nationals. Everyone can sign up for it.
Or is REC expecting ALL regions to have a qualifier from local to regionals/nationals?

If it is referring to from regionals to worlds? Then does that means that we will need to have our nationals before 15th Dec?

  1. Worlds Qualification via Global Skills Ranking
  • Top 10 skills in MS VRC, HS VRC, and VEX U will receive an invitation to Worlds 2024
  • Clarification has been made regarding the cut off date for top 10 skills invitations

Just to confirm - so it is no longer top 10 unqualfied teams? But just the absolute top 10?
If it is absolute top 10, then it is almost as good as saying only maybe 1 or 2 unqualified teams might make it.

And also, can any kind soul points me to the cut off date for top 10 skills invitations? I don’t seem to see it in the website or document.
The closest that i can find is in the RE’s skills ranking table that mentioned season standing will be finalised on 20th Mar 2024.


  1. Local to Regional/ERC
  2. The top 10 “non-qualified” teams. This change has been made.
  • On March 11, 2024 , the top 10 non-qualified teams on the World Skills Standings in VRC Middle School, VRC High School, and VEX U will receive an invitation to the 2024 World Championship.
    • Skills scores posted after March 11, 2024 will not be taken into consideration for a top 10 skills invitation.