2059A Toss Up Reveal 1.0

2059A Matadors proudly reveals our newest iteration of our robot, [INSERTNAMEHERE]

This video explains it all.

Some notes, though:
*]- Catapult has since been fixed and we can achieve multiple full field shots without the need to lunge
*]- Our catapult has been tightened and our “high hang” is actually a high hang now.

Robot Specs:
*]- 4 motor 1:1.6 drive
*]- 4 motor 7:1 6 bar arm
*]- 2 motor 1:1.6 intake
*]- Magic intake
*]- “Ruiqrollers” (Thanks 21B for the name :D)
*]- 2 piston front catapult
*]- 1 piston lock


It’s looking good. How are your autonomous routines going?

very nice :cool:

very impressed, a well rounded robot, with a bit of autonomous ! a great competition robot

good luck :smiley:

Robot looking pretty good, would look to see more! :cool:

excellent work!
have u guys tried 1:5 arm?

Thank you :smiley:

Our autonomous programs aren’t done yet, but all that’s left to do is to record them.

We’ve considered changing to a 5:1 arm, but we didn’t for two reasons:

  1. We’re lazy
  2. It might make the hang inconsistent depending on how much power we have at the end of the match.

http://puu.sh/6xitq :smiley:

LOL I was just reading this again and saw that you call your rollers “Ruiqrollers”. I know a guy named Rui who pronounces it Ray, so I was pronouncing Ruiqrollers pretty much as rake rollers, and I knew that it didn’t make sense, but I just figured out that it’s pronounced like Rick. Well played, Ruiqi. Well played.

what is the distance between your bottom rollers? (axle to axle)


According to my CAD… 7.3 inches

intake + CAD doesnt mix well XD
mind taking a measurement when u have time? :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure, in 20 minutes when I get to work on the robot.

Do you know if using one piston for catapult be strong, any suggestions on how to make it stronger if I were to use only one piston? :smiley:

One piston can potentially work, but if you do one piston, you probably want to rubber band it to increase power.

Where should I mount the rubber bands so it will not prevent the piston from getting stuck after this first shot? :stuck_out_tongue:

Just mount it any way that pulls the catapult up. You want to use the piston’s return stroke to bring the catapult back down.

using the return stroke will consume the same amount of air as a two piston extending and retracting by gravity, so you might as well do 2 piston. Plus the air pressure will decrease, becoming weaker than the rubber bands and won’t be able to shoot anymore.

+1 That is one of the most annoying things about having a rubber banded catapult. Do 2 piston catapult if you can.

You could say we’re… Ballin it up.

See you all at Tracy tomorrow!

After a day of skills, we achieved a score of 104, which is second in the world as far as we know (great job 21!)

We weren’t able to get a video of the 104 point run, but here’s a video of an earlier 99 point run.


Do you think the reason you can hang so easily is because it’s 4 motors 1:7?

Do you think it could do it on 2 motors 1:7 or 4 motors 1:5?

Great robot by the way. I love the big ball knockers on the sides never thought of it that way. I’ve always had one in the middle.