21000C Back2School Tournament Highlights


That topple though XD. But it’s good to know that you definitely should never go that high.


I committed to that stack way too hard I should have given up since the bottom cube was too low in the intake. I need to practice that more.

I’d be interested to see if that stack would be able to stay up without having to depend on outside factors. Ex. If there’s a slight push from a fan etc.

@qwerty2 it probably would fall on its own, knowing the horrible friction of those cubes lol

That robot which couldnt deploy its tray lol
That’s gonna be me


stacks are actually pretty good at staying up from my experience, i’m usually able to get 13 fairly nicely without anything falling, it’ll fall of u hit it but it’s good at keeping itself together otherwise


So your robot is the one with the giant claw

yes (20 characters why)

I’ve never seen a robot with a claw that could pick up so many cubes, you’ll probably have the best clawbot at worlds, very nice. i’ve tried building a 3 cube claw but it wasn’t powerful enough.

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We have a 5:1 ratio on our intake, with a 100rpm gearbox. Also recommend using foam on top of mesh for the best compression. Thanks for the compliment!


No, that the drivers weren’t moving meaning no vibration in the floor as well as they were no air conditioner/fans around it. And I do ■■■■■■■ homework or anything in that mood except for the robots would have destroyed it

The tournament display, what was displayed on the screen?

Most likely the time

i didn’t understand any of that comment


I was using voice type and didn’t realize it messed up half the words lol


Facing the audience was a live video and score for the current match. Facing teams was just the time


I guess you went to the tournament.

I was one of the event staff


Nice, so you setup the moniters? I was thinking doing the same as well with my low budget field, since I have an extra monitor which has no other purpose.