21000C Tower Takeover Hawaii Reveal


Wow… I am impressed!

How consistent is the 7-cube autonomous? :slight_smile:


Very very nice but, I’m wondering the same thing as meng. How consistent I’d the autonomous

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How often does it tip over like in the last few seconds, like is it just if the weight is off balance and you have a lot of momentum at the same time or does it happen often?. I also really like how you made your clamp to where it is super compact but unfolds to hold 6 cubes instead of just 3 or 4. :+1::blush:amazing job, can’t wait to see how much it improves over the season


Great robot and concept. I had the same idea with a flip out claw, but your implementation of the design seems great!

Would the bot happen to have other autons?

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How many motors are on the lift? Two? Looks really good. I believe if you play colors right and dominate towers you can easily win matches with a bunch of stacks of six. That’s without considering that you can add to stacks as well. I did notice you had a very small chassis for such a top heavy bot though. How often does it tip while holding a lot of cubes?

it’s weirdly good with tipping, it’s only tipped like 3 times, never really became an issue


Excellent! I like the auton! How easy is it for you guys to put two stacks of cubes in the big scoring zone? I have been worried about making the base too big.

it’s surprisingly consistent, the base does a nice job of shuttling the cube into the zone.


in the beginning of every match we move the auton stack to the corner, that maneuver took a lot of practice to get right since our base is large. u can definitely place in the corner with a wider base but it would probably be nice to design the chassis to make it easier because it does become pretty difficult at first (once you get one cube in the corner, stacking on top of it is easy).


motor count and gearing is in description. no real tipping issues, the one at the end was a very rare occasion.


maybe… (competition this week)

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Also, the H-Drive in the middle doesn’t give us much room to shrink the width, but the base is ok at getting in the zones.

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You guys do realize that the Mark Leon Invitational does not have tournament champion spots that go to worlds, only Excellence award grants a spot to worlds.

How consistent and fast is intaking, I think if you add some rollers instead of the h-drive wheel, you can significantly increase the efficiency of your robot (similar to 62 and Houdini robot).

Overall great robot, I really like this design. Good luck at Hawaii!

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yes, we are aware of this

Great work! This is similar to my current design- pretty fascinating to see how it would have turned out.

Okay just making sure, but yeah you guys will enjoy Hawaiʻi. Just be ready for A LOT of traffic in Oʻahu.

Great work! I love the passive deploy. Your method of acquiring cubes might end up being a little slow, but I love the auton. (I remember seeing you guys at CREATE.)