210Y Snail Hood Ri3D

Kapow from 210Y has given me permission to post this, their team’s Ri3D reveal.

It’s a snail hood design, with TT style front intakes, and an NBN style flywheel.


  • 4M 200 rpm X-Drive
  • 2M 600 rpm Tank Tread intakes
  • 2M 600 rpm indexer/flywheel

This robot is of a similar design to the 99999V CAD that was released earlier this week.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this bot becomes the meta this season.

RIP Change Up it had a good run


BuT wHeReS tHe HoArDeR???

Jokes aside, seems like this’ll be to this year what goofy was to last year: The robot for teams looking for designs. I take it this bot won’t be able to score in the middle goal, though?


Add a trap door, a vision sensor to detect color, and a 3 capacity hopper and you’ve got a hoarder that can remove all the other color from a goal in 1.6 seconds


very impressive. obviously this had to have been developed independently of my Ci2D hoodbot design, because it was released less than 3 days ago, which just goes to show that this design is a excellent solution to the challenge. well done.
I don’t think an actual flywheel is optimal for this design though, you want to be gently tossing the balls in, not yeeting them against the backboard. x drive is interesting.


Very true. Everyone I know had this design in their brain CAD machines the second the game was revealed

Especially if you want the middle tower


Turret mounted ball yeeter will be meta calling it here.
In all seriousness though, props to you and Taran for your great designs, they’re helping my team answer a few questions we’ve had about this type of design


I like the pop up hood in this design, a flipout is simpler imo than ratcheting it off the flywheel, but it works.

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A lot of teams will be switching to X-drive, imo. Better mobility in all directions, and less of a need to push aggressively. Pinning/trapping won’t be as op as TP or even TT.


Yes ours are quite OP, and this is quite similar to our designs, but…


I can see it going that way, but I can also see some vicious defense being employed as well. I think that X drives will provide an edge to those who can use them to their full advantage, but as usual a prevalence of standard tank-style drives.

Wait, can’t they already hold three balls, or do you mean a separate door behind their intakes that opens to a separate magazine?

Wouldn’t necessarily be another magazine, as they won’t be able to be accessed again for the rest of the match. Likely just a compartment for them to sit in.

What scares me with something like that is that as soon as you have 3 in there, you can’t legally descore or you’d be holding 4. Even if you have 2, you may have to descore another 2.

it’s not on a ratchet, there’s string tensioning it and a rubber band on the hood if you slow the video down


huh, sounded like a ratchet, so I just assumed. thanks for pointing that out, that’s a much simpler system

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actually you probably could. part of the definition for possesing is that the ball cannot be scored, so if you spit out the ball as soon as you pull it beyond the bound of the goal, you could get away with it. also, just don’t fill your hood with 3 opponent balls unless you don’t plan on doing any descoring.

this is the start of something quite interesting im guessing

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Wouldn’t a vision sensor open the trapdoor anyways? Unless there’s another trapdoor to release it, in which it seems a bit too complicated for my frugal mind :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the ratchet was just their flywheel


I can’t figure out how to make the ratchet, any videos online I can learn from?


Kepler Electronics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VskZwlPGRRg