210Y Snail Hood Ri3D

Cool design. What naturally makes the hood want to pop up? Is the bottom rubber banded to something? How does the string play into that? Thanks in advance.

I’m curious why a fast flywheel was used, as opposed to just a much slower wheel that only serves to push cubes out of the robot into the goal.

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for intimidation

you could use the speed for long shots.

Unless shots are very accurate, why risk long shots when it’s easier to just drive up and drop balls in? The number of balls that missed the net in NBN is probably uncountable, why introduce another path for errors?

Also I’m obviously ignoring the fact that it makes it difficult to do the center goal, but that’s already been addressed here.


with the middle tower. just slow the flywheel down then?

and for long shots it will be risky but if you need to do one for a win or loose situation then who knows


Wait @TaranMayer do you know if the balls are the same weight as the change up balls or if they are heavier/lighter than them?

I mean, a long shot might come in handy during auton and for some clutch last second scores, but it isn’t worth making an actuall flywheel imo. just have a fast indexer going all the way up.


The balls are like .35 pounds (half of cubes), so I’d expect this to be a fine estimate.


TP balls were 55g, CU balls are 168g, cubes were 285g

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I saw that this robot has no Indexer?
Also will it be able to do the same to the actual change up balls?

Mostly, but some changes might be required to fine tune the robot to pick up the CU balls since alternatives were used for the reveal.

I’ve watched the video quite a few times, and first I’d like to say, stellar job with the robot. To do that in three days is… incredible. However, there is one thing I still don’t understand. How does the Snail Hood come up? I know that earlier in this thread it has been said that it is with string and rubber bands, but I still am very confused exactly how it works. In case you reply, thank you so much.



No one stole anything. Parallel innovation is strong this year.

It’s the best design

Me too. I wish I had made it. I had to settle for being the one to post this amazing design.


I’d expect it to have been done with a ratchet

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Snail https://www.vexforum.com/uploads/default/original/3X/d/0/d06f3e5be096a453d9ae113887960ccabdc95e6c.gif

Made by Taran Mayer


y u be posting my render?

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Sorry. He wanted to know how the hood came up. I added credit.

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These are 2 different robots…

The 210Y one works via a ratchet, the 99999V one works via a rubber band and a passive push by the ball

I’m just the guy that farms the :heart:'s


We dont use a ratchet to deploy hood fyi