2114X and 745V Robot In 3 Days

Robot In 3 Days Reveal is up! Check it out in the link below. 2114X and 745V

Motor distribution-
4 motor drive
2 motor lift
2 motor puncher
1 motor flipper
1 motor intake

Pneumatic distribution-
1 piston angle adjuster
1 piston brake
1 piston cap grabber

Great Job!

kind of looks like the rolling robots ri3d lmao, very cool nonetheless.

About the pneumatics, is there enough air to use for a 2 minute match if you guys were just focusing on flipping waffles

Yes there is enough air to last the hole match. We use air regulators and rubber bands to save PSI.

I wanted to build a cap flipper that rotates like yours, but I couldn’t figure out how to grip the cap. I love your solution! How well do you think a passive or just grip grabber would work? Poorly or well?

Good job. I love that you guys are using pneumatics. Do you plan on switching to V5 at some point and if yes, do you think you will stick to using pneumatics?
Also, what are those wheels in the front and back of you robot?

We are switching to v5 and we might still use pneumatics we just don’t know yet. The wheels on the front of the robot are 2.5" Omni’s cut in half and the wheels on the back are spacers zip-tied around a pulley.

just a shout out from 24k

hey 2114x! we are tied with you in skills with exact same driver and auton scores!

Sorry to be a party pooper, but if you actually checked the official skills rankings they do indeed have the exact same skills scores. Also, GG Joey. I haven’t seen you at a comp yet :frowning: . Good job making finals