2114X VEX Starstruck Worlds Reveal

2114X Worlds Reveal

Robot specs:
4 motor turbo drive on four inch wheels
6 motor speed lift geared 5 to 1
2 motor speed claw geared 5 to 1

This years awards:
AZ state champions
3X Tournament champions
2X design award
1X Excellence award
1X programming skills champions

Amazing robot; certainly one of the best, if not the best in Arizona.

What autonomi do you guys currently have/plan to have for worlds?
Also, what weight did you guys manage to get your robot down to?
And have you guys timed a field clear?

You guys are definitely on my list of robots to watch at worlds (from home :’( )
It was a pleasure competing with you guys this year and I look forward to next year!

Definitely and undisputably one of the best.

It looks like your anti-tips extend out fairly far. Have you made sure they won’t get you DQ’d when you’re up against the fence scoring?

Just wondering, how do you have programming skills champion as one of your awards. The new skill format this year only is supposed to award the best combined score.

Pretty sure it just means they had the top programming skills score, not an actual award.

Great robot guys! Hopefully I can come catch some of your matches next week. I expect big things :slight_smile: See you there!

One tournament had separate awards. We walked away with Robot Skills (actually Driver Skills), and they got Programming Skills.

Thank you sazrocks, hopefully next year all of 2114 will be going to worlds. You put up great robots all year long and definitely made us better. We are currently weighing in at 10.5lbs with batteries, down from 13lbs at state. With the lighter weight we can clear the field with all the objects in 21 seconds. Thank you for all your support!

Yes, we rebuilt the tip pegs for this exact reason. Look for the new design at worlds. Thank you for commenting.

Thank you!