The official 2017 2131/2131E Vex Worlds reveal. See you guys there!
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wheres the wall bot?

Robots look great! What’s your internal gearing for the 4(?) arm motors?

The wall was kinda a joke, and at the same time not but we decided to bring our main robots.

The motors are highspeed.

motors on the lift are high speed, we have a turbo drive on 3.25" wheels for a 1.95:1 ratio and our claw is a 1:5 ratio on torque motors.

Can you/will you reveal the wall bot?

We will not be competing with the wall, but it is six feet wide and 4’ 8" tall. We just wanted to make the teaser with it as a joke https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B20kXRum_J1gWl9PSEd6X2RUNFU/view?usp=sharing

link needs to be made public?

Why are they so slow your robots at state were twice as fast

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The links don’t work.

The batteries we were running were partaly dead.

And why four wheels again

Thats f and x team. My robot hasnt changed at all. E and w have six wheels and we were running on lower batteries for the scrimmage.

Ok that makes sense. Also you guys should try front wheelie bars they help a lot

Wall bot

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Awesome music! What was the playback speed of the field clearing footage towards the end?

The speed was x2.