21417A Fall Speedway Reveal

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Looks good! I love the angle changer-would do that if I had more cylinders! I have a question- I see a smaller flex wheel right before the main flywheel. What does that do?

It helps the disk accelerate before it gets into the main part of flywheel, which keeps the it from slowing down too much during rapid fire.


Is the smaller flex wheel running at the same speed or slower than the bigger wheel?

It is running half the speed of the big wheel.

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is it 4 moter or 6 moter drive

6m 360 RPM on 3.25 inch wheels. It says so in the video at timecode 3:01.

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thanks, we have a similar drive train, but we use a small chain so we can fit more in, while keeping a small outer frame.

Also how do you actually push the disk into the barrel. Is that the indexer?’

My team has also found a way to get around the 3 disks pay load rule.
We have a slot that feeds straight into our piston that pushes the disk that connects to the match loader allowing us to fire a lot of disk in a short amount of time. Perfect for mid to late game when most of the disk are under or in goals. We can line up and match load all disk into the goal.


How reliable is the single motor flywheel, does it burn out?

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We have been using a single motor 3600rpm flywheel and it works great as long as you quickswap it with a replacement after each match, just to be safe. Its not wasteful since you can keep switching the two motors to give them time to cool off. Without a quickswap it would burn out after a few matches.