2145z tipping point reveal

https://youtu.be/Ly324dBBc5M ez


Love the pneumatic claw for the Mogo lift


This is very neat robot! I like all the different ways to pick up the goals. Would you mind sharing the CAD files?

You can have more than 2 pistons? Sorry, I don’t really know the rules for pneumatics.

You can theoretically have an unlimited amount of pistons, however you can only have 2 air reservoirs on the robot, with max psi of 100 each.


Only one piston per air cylinder, since you are not allowed to modify pneumatics. However an unlimited number of pneumatic cylinders are allowed. As Luxembourg noted above, the only limit on pneumatics is air tanks, which, when combined with the amount of pressure you decide to use to actuate your pneumatic cylinders, will limit the number of total actuations.


When in doubt about anything, open up the printed copy of the game manual and appendices that you keep by your side at all times. You’ll be reminded that you can have two “pneumatic air reservoirs” and recognize that no limit is specified for the number of “pneumatic cylinders”, so you can have as many as you like unless your are using the associated tubing to act as an expanded reservoir.
The main text of the manual is on version 1.1 as I’m writing this comment. See R25 on page 40 (43rd pane of the pdf), and R21 on page 32 (pane 42) for specification that modification is forbidden.
You can find that conveinently by googling “vexrobotics tipping point”, clicking the first hit “Competition overview” and scrolling down to the links.


what is the difference between the print(https://content.vexrobotics.com/docs/21-22/tipping-point/Game-Manual-1.1-Print.pdf) and the non-print(https://content.vexrobotics.com/docs/21-22/tipping-point/Game-Manual-1.1.pdf) game manual?

Looks like the -Print variant has had the heavy red front page and page borders replaced with a less toner-heavy greyscale pattern. I’m glad you asked that question, because I’ve been printing the normal version - not sure why the first link I had to hand was the generic link to the print version of the latest manual … maybe I took that from the update announcement post.
Just tested a theory that the print version might have been optimized for mono printing, but I would say it hasn’t. The diagram on page 5 (pane 8 of the pdf) is a mush in both versions in black and white using general mono profile on my Brother colour led printer.


Same is also true of the Appendix pdfs and their -Print variants hanging off the main landing page along with the game manual here Competition Overview - Competition - V5 - VEX Robotics


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