2145z wallbot tray meta teaser

https://youtu.be/h8Y5sTDvAmw What do you guys think of it? Meta?


how is it supposed to work (20 Characters)

Thats pretty cool. Do you use a motor for releasing the wall?

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Seems nice, but do you have anything showing it in action? All this shows is it locking itself in a corner.


So we would drop off the wall in front of the other alliances scoring zone and then go on with scoring while the other team cannot. In the video we deploy the wall from the inside but we would normally do it on the outside so we aren’t stuck.

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It was purely for the video. We are going to post more about this robot in the future but we don’t want to show too much right now.

Yessir (20 Character)

ok is it even considered legal in a regular match? wouldn’t it technically be trapping

No because we are not trapping any robots into the zone. We are just limiting them from going in. They have the rest of the field to move around so they aren’t “stuck”.


Lol we wouldn’t be on the inside :joy:

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Unlike these legends unknown-2


Well it looks like a solid design, but you may need to implement some advancements shown on this robot to increase your effectiveness.

Wait one minute. You can ‘trap’ opponents as long a they’re given more than 1 tile of space, isn’t that right? :smirk:


lol this is exactly my design but my wall is slower. The main problem I have is i haven’t put enough time into the wall so it’s much slower and the deploy is very bad so if someone pushes me enough the wall falls off, but it looks like you have a solid design :slightly_smiling_face: the wall is innefective if someone just blocks it though, so it’s kind of hard to deploy, and can sometimes be useless.

Yah technically we could trap people in but I don’t think it’d be worth it, as they may be able to push it out of the zone better

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Well we have 9 cube capacity :wink: that’s still pretty cool tho

Wallbots are far more terrifying to me than going up against the 1 and 2 seeds


You forgot about fencebots

I was thinking about having a small wall on my bot, and use a motor to extend and retract it so I could play defense then revert back to offense and go defense again when needed.

that might slow you down a bit with all that steel