2145z winter reveal


Great robot!
This is actually the first time that I’ve seen an 8m drive implemented into a design this season.

But, I have a question:

You seemed to have kept your linear lift from your robot earlier this season, it’s pretty much what I’m trying to put on my robot. But I’m kind of struggling with building it.
Any thoughts?

Thanks a lot!
Good luck on your comps!

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Which lift are you referring to? None of the lifts on our robot are linear.

Sorry I made that unclear.
I was referring to the lift that you use to not score rings on. The one that doesn’t use a clamp.
It uses fork-like mechanisms.

The main objective of that lift is to cover the bowl of the goal, which is where most teams grab from. By covering that opening and having the fastest possible drive ratio allows us to prevent clamps from clamping on before others. I would probably not suggest this specific design if you do not intend on playing with this play style but there are other similar designs that use less pistons to complete the same task.


Note: Linear applies a straight motion. So calling it a linear lift when it rotates is not logical and can make it confusing for others to understand what you meant.

Anyways that is a very nice robot!

Looking at the ring intake it seems like a gear is being damaged. It may be a good idea to keep an eye on that for maintenance


how do yall manage to not run out of air? i see a lot of pneumatic cylinders

You can likely improve the lifespan of actuations by

  1. Making cylinders extend a smaller range
  2. Pressure Regulator
  3. More tanks (I believe max is 2 in VRC)

I noticed that the brain is buried deep inside the body. Is the brain still accessible for referees? This seems pretty close to a violation of R24.

I just went to a comp where a team had the brain under the robot, facing the ground. not saying it was legal, but most people dont care alot about R24


I haven’t seen a ref ever need to press the button but I still have seen refs that care. The only thing is “accessible” is very vague. Most people just take the rule as if the button can be pressed then it’s good enough.

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the general consensus is that it can be pressed without moving the robot. Thus so it can be powered on in the event it isn’t on at the beginning of the match.


OOOoooo. I am going to take this as the uncalled opportunity to talk about ability and disability(hopefully within the context of the situation). What does “accessible” and “accessibility” mean? Very generally the ability to do something most often with ease. And most importantly its based around an individual. Each individual might have a different idea of what is accessible to them. If you got some small middle schoolers with small hands, for instance, then pressing that button might be quite easy for them.


Sorry to ask such a basic question but I’m new to Pneumatics. What do you mean by this?

Screen Shot 2022-02-08 at 7.30.02 AM

This is a pressure regulator. It regulates the pressure. So it will take a 100 psi and change it to something lower. Its useful for getting more uses out of the amount of air you got.


yeah we use it on the opening motion of our clamp, increases our air capacity by about 35% if i had to estimate

Thanks for the clarification.
But just for future reference, what is this lift called?

Also, 2145Z, what gear ratio are you using for that lift?

exactly me
20 characters AAAAA

We are not using gears on our lift

i think its a pneumatic fork lift thing