2158M ausTIN CANs: 2014 Worlds Reveal

Team 2158M, the ausTIN CANs, is proud to present our 2014 World’s robot, Impulse.

Reveal Video

-4 motor high speed drive
-4 motor lift 7:1
-2 motor high speed magic intake
-high hang with a large ball (forwards and backwards)
-pneumatic brake
-large ball dongle
-2 large ball capacity
-multiple high-scoring autonomous modes

-91 point driver skills (unofficial)
-57 point programming skills

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Looks solid (as is usual from you guys)!

Make sure to come say hi at worlds! It was nice talking to your team last year!

Great looking robot! I love the lights! Any reason you decided not to have a catapult?

Also that break looks pretty sick, how does it handle being pushed sideways?

Thanks! We built a reverse catapult, but it wasn’t fantastic and heavily affected our large ball intake, so we decided to scrap it in favor of better large ball manipulation.

The brake is specifically designed to prevent being pushed sideways, so it works very well. The sliding shot we did towards the end shows how abruptly it can stop (we pushed the robot pretty hard).

Your robot always looks so real and solid. Good luck in Math