2158W Teaser

Here are some teaser pictures of our friend’s robot for 2158W … What do you guys think it is? :wink:

Hmm. Pic 1 looks like a scissor, Pic 2 looks VERY interesting, Pic 3 looks like a six bar linkage, pneumatic powered? Or maybe the pneumatics are for the intake. Or both.

My guess: A wallbot that can score the high goal, or that can block the opposite high goal.


Combo wall bot high goal scorer…

A 400+ high goal scoring trough-bot cough The VEX Raptors cough .

Either that or it will not score at all and just be ultra fast moving and have the 6 bar be an extra length and the scissor will be attached… with the goal of expanding and beating the other teams before drive control starts…

Also that hinge in one of those pics looks interesting missed it must first look over

My guess is it’s a goal capping robot with a parking extension.

first image looks like a scissor lift that can reach a maximum of 7.5 feet, which is enough to cover an alliance pair of goals. The second image shows really complex gearing, so its safe to assume its not your typical X:X drivetrain but rather a transmission. The 3rd image looks like its pneumatic powered (whatever it is). It could be a parking linkage or the goal cap itself. My hunch is towards the parking linkage because you want the goal cap to stay down, but in this image it shows elastic so you want it to expand. And because you want it to expand, you can guess it uses a lot of force. Sooooo that’s my guess

Edit: then again it could be that experimental thing im trying to make that you beat me to :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m stumped
When is the full reveal?

It will be a New Year’s gift :smiley:

I think we should stop referring to defensive robots as “wall-bots.” In this year’s open field setup, a robot that forms a giant wall to block the opponent is ineffective. This year’s expanding defensive robots won’t be literal “walls.”

Who said a wall has to expand all the way across something to be a wall? :wink:
And of course there’s no guarantee of expanding defensive robots.

Any robot can be very defensive in this game. All you need to do is run parallel to the troughs, and guess what, you basically just became a “wall-bot”!

I think your right in saying a defensive robot shouldn’t be called a wall bot. But rather I think a wallbot should be characterized as any robot which expands to inhibit the actions of an opponent.

Like offensive robots, wall bots could be more effective than others considering the scenario.

I think a wall-bot should be defined as a robot that expands to stop its opponents from getting past it. But a robot that expands to do other things, like cap goals, shouldn’t be called a wallbot because it has not formed a wall.

Yes, but:

  1. We might have in fact been referring to wall-bots, and not just a horizontally expanding robot.

  2. Using the game manuals definition, a horizontal expanding robot IS a wall-bot.

Maybe you mean a horizontally expanding ground movement limiter? :stuck_out_tongue:

And who says that a trough coverer/capper can’t be a wall that has fallen over? :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow, just saw this thing compete on the live stream of the Alamo Bowl competition :eek:. I gotta say, that is one impressively huge scissor lift. I didn’t really pay attention to the rest of the match because I was doing something else but I happened to look over and see a nearly full-field-length scissor lift expansion and that caught my attention. Hopefully I’ll get to see your next mach.

Ooh, is this archived somewhere?

I’m not sure, I just saw the link to the stream posted by VEX on facebook and decided to watch.

2158W competed at San Antonio today with us. His robot wasn’t functioning as he hoped (keep in mind he is a solo team and this was more of an engineering experiment). For a couple of the matches, the wall was able to deploy, and it definitely startled many teams there to say the least.

Like he said, this was more of an experiment using scissor walls, pneumatics, and gear shifting (for the drive, which had badly meshing gears). For those wondering, once he deployed his walls it was basically impossible to push him with his drive set at a 5:1 and the walls completely expanded.

This design is changing for the next competition but our team thought it was worth showing on the forums at least. We didn’t record any video today but here are several more detailed pictures.

I thought that you weren’t allowed to expand over 3’ in this years game, or was that rule changed.:confused:

That was never a rule in VEX.

This is a very interesting robot! Was it picked for the eliminations?