2158X Winter Reveal!

This is the robot that we have so far… i dont know what else to say :confused:

4 motor drive base (turbo)
6 motor lift (high speed)
2 motor claw (high speed)


*hanging thingy is hidden cause its a secret weapon :wink:
*yes I painted my omni’s yellow
*yes I messed up and they look bad

*videos will be posted around December 15

Noooo I can’t see the pictures. 404 error :confused:
Perhaps try a direct upload?

Hi, the robot sounds interesting, but the images are not available for me

the site i was using for some reason wont let me host ourside of its domain. any suggestions on an upload for bbcoding?

Post them to imgur

The fales afe way is do download onto your machine. If you can see the picture, right click > save image as. Then edit your original post and attach there. You could upload to imgur, but again, fail safe.

Sounds so interesting , but the error uhhhh

welp, imgur is a nice place to do these things, google+ is not.

@WiggleVilla Nice robot! Do you happen to know how much it weighs?

Looking Good :stuck_out_tongue: Nice photo as well :slight_smile:
Can I recommend tightening down the encoder cable on the side, that’s just asking for a disaster.

last time i checked (yesterday) it was about 4 and 1/2 pounds ( or 2 kilograms for you metric folk) @Sam Zmily

What’s your reliable star capacity?

@WiggleVilla That doesn’t seem right, especially if you’re running 12 motors and two batteries…

can you score in far zone, if so how often?
great robot btw

Our Capacity is 4 stars, but were working on an improved model that could make it 6 or higher!

I measured it without batteries XD, I think with batteries it would be like 10 pounds. I currently cant access my robot right now so… ill get you more updated info sooner.

Dang, that’s a really nice picture. Bot too.

u’d butter believe it!

we score every time if theirs no robot in the way

what if i told you that the encoder was being used not as a sensor but a priming device for our hanging mechanism. (we may or may have not gutted the encoder to do so.)

Be careful; modifications of electronics are not legal.