2188A 64 points Programming Skills (124 Robot Skills)

This is 2188A’s 64 point Programming Skills run at the Ontario Provincials. Our combined 124 Robot Skills set a new record, and currently we are second worldwide in both robot and programming skills. For those wondering, at that event we ran programming skills for driver skills, but it didn’t work perfectly, which is why we got a lower driver skills score. Even this run didn’t work well, as you can see one of the fence star knockers didn’t deploy properly, and the throwing of 2 cubes at the end wasn’t supposed to happen.

Some specs:
• 3ft wide forks
• 4 motor high speed drive
• 8 motor high speed 1:5 lift
• 16lb with batteries
• Main flaw is that wide forks = very hard to maneuver in matches!

Our worlds robot will not be the same as this one, but many parts will be kept. If you have any questions about the robot in the skills run, feel free to ask!

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Cool Robot

How much money in standoffs went into the forks on that thing? Just kidding but that was insane!!

It seems optimized for Skills. How viable is this robot for competition?

You can’t see in the video, but the forks are made of lots of 2" standoffs connected together. A while ago Grainger had them on clearance for really cheap so I cleared them out. :smiley: But otherwise standoffs aren’t too expensive at McMaster Carr.

It wasn’t great in matches, the forks are just too big to be practical, and other major factors were lack of practice and coordination with alliance partners/broken down partners in the middle of the field.