21S Post-State Reveal


Hey guys! Here is the 21S Post-State reveal

Sadly we did not make World Championship due to us overseeing some critical flaws with the robot

4m Speed on 4" Drive
4m Speed 5:1 RD4-6B
2m Torque 1:1 Transnational Four Bar
2m Torque 5:1 Mobile Goal Lift
Passive Intake

Some Pictures here
Reveal here



you guys should’ve just done a real meta bot rather than a fake one with a passive intake…


@pkrish not why they lost at states.


I’m very open to constructive criticism if you have any for me. I don’t check the VexForums often, so the best way of contacting me is on Discord. My tag is @Unionjackjz1#2963 and I just messaged you on there.

We believe the intake is the reason we lost states. The rest of the robot was very solid and not having any problems. We build this robot in a week, and spent 3 weeks on the intake. We should have taken this as a clue that the passive was problematic and changes should be made, but we didn’t.

At states, after every match we had to replace the zipties. We tested different brands of zipties on our intake and found the best ones, but the problem was they were weak. Around 30 cones the intake was perfect, then it would miss about 20% of cones. It would stay like that until the zipties broke. Replacing a chunk of your robot every single match will not give you consistent results, and this caused our intake to give inconsistent results.

Sorry for the rant, but we’ve been doing passive intakes all season and this passive worked the best when it worked, but gave us the most trouble overall.


Ok but what is going on with that axle


Axle game is on point


What kinda game is that???


That’s weird, when we had a passive zip tie intake on our external stacker, it had no issues with longevity/consistency due to zip ties.


I don’t think you can compare my ziptake to your ziptake.

On our external stackers, we used ziptakes with an upward of 20 zipties. This required too much force to release and intake. Our final intake on our internal stacker only used 8 zipties, with every ziptie having an important function in grabbing a cone. If one was slightly damaged, it hurt the overall performance of the intake.

EDIT: Picture of intake here: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/389589227496538123/416365081174081537/image.jpg

The very top two zipties helped make sure the cone didn’t come too high up into the intake. These never had to be replaced.