22 pts, driver skills, 45-50 seconds

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Very nice!

Of the ~65 robots I’ve seen this season in competitions and online, this is the only one that has been able to score 22 without the addition of hooks, and the process looks really smooth too.

Will let the kids know. They have worked hard. We will be at nationals, so look us up!

At this point, they are working on being better at alliance.

Nice! Also, what’s your team number? Interested in checking some of your results that your team have achieved with these and similar designs on RobotEvents.

2026k, davinci and the code

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Wow, those are some very impressive achievements that everyone involved should be very proud of. 7 awards in one season (which is still unfinished) alone is brilliant, let alone the fact that 2 of which are excellence awards!

I wish you and your team all the best in your upcoming nationals competition.

Hey we are neighbors. We will see y’all at state. We are the 1846a meglabots. We are a third grade team.

Ok. If y’all are stuck on anything, PM me and we will swap contact info.

Are testing a modification to the bot tonight. Takes driver skill score to 24. Will see if we can reliably get it into practice.