2213-A Robot Reveal

Hello everyone welcome to the reveal of our Sack Attack robot: Chaos V 1.3
please excuse the image quality it was taken from my phone
The robot was based on our Gateway robot only smaller and lighter.
It uses 4 393 geared for high speed on a 4 wheel drive, its pretty fast.
It also uses 4 393 geared for high torque on the arm, it lifts about 8 sacks no problem but we have pushed it to raise 10 sack two or three times.
It also has 2 269 on the intake, it intakes sack very fast and scores just as fast with an ok descoring.
Its a little less than 15" tall so it can go to the other side no problem.
Its also able to descore on the 30" goal although it cannot score on it.
The game strategy is score as much as possible, no fancy tricks just scoring.

We are near our holidays season break here in Puerto Rico with our last competition this year on December 15 which is the league finals and 3 teams will qualify for the worls, we hope being on of them. The thing is this robot is going to be re-desing from scratch so its nearing its tragic end.

Looks like a pretty nice bot. Looks a lot like our bot for Sack Attack :wink:

Good luck at the League Finals!

I have seen your robot its pretty sweet and yes they do look very similar.

And Thanks. Hope to see you in the worlds

Looks like a great robot! One question, do you have any problems with having the sacks go up your ramp as you intake them? Our robot had problems with the sacks falling onto each other and they would stop or go over the intake rollers.

Well those were nicely put there by me for the photo hehehehehe but gravity does push them down and sometimes the do go over the intake but it almost never happens and we’ve never lost a match beacause of it.

Okay, that makes sense. One suggestion I would give you is to put some some sort of bar by the intake rollers in order to stop them from going over. You can see it in our reveal post: https://vexforum.com/t/2213-a-robot-reveal/22590/1

YEEAAHHH !!! Soon 2213-X robot Reveal! :smiley: good desing grat robot :smiley:

2213X reveal?? I’ll be waiting…

This is a very cool Design. Thanks for Sharing.

Thanks and no problem I just wanted to know what other people though of it