2223A | UHS Robotics - Short Preview Clip

[FONT=“Tahoma”] Here’s the link to a short preview clip of our robot.


You may know us from our video on Youtube “VEX Skyrise 90 point match - North Puerto Rico Technology Challenge H.S. Advanced Final Match”. We’re the red alliance’s cube robot. This preview goes to show our latest progress towards our upcoming competition. We’ve finished hard work on our robot to make it as capable as we deem needed. We’d appreciate and thank any comments and suggestions.

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Good golly…4 cubes at a time. First time I have seen that actually work. Nice job!

Props, I’m impressed. 4 at a time is really going to change things up for cubers. We were told side rollers weren’t going to work well when the game was revealed and now this… I can’t help but laugh.
Can you build the skyrise?

Really nice work you guys, very impressed. This could be a killer if you coordinated to score on the skyrise in autonomous. This would be the first robot I would choose at worlds if I were a skyrise focused robot (luckily I get to build both in VEXU). You are definitely one of the teams I’ll be watching at worlds.

Impressive! Have you guys had the chance to use this robot at any tournaments yet? And if so, has it worked out well for you guys? This is the second robot I’ve seen with a 4 cube capacity :open_mouth: Any plans for a 5 cube capacity robot? :wink:

Very impressive cube scorer! It looks like you have a good balance between speed and capacity with this robot, which is very good. How well can you build skyrises? or is this solely made to compliment skyrise bots? Thanks for revealing this.

I am very impressed with your robot! I don’t think we have seen a robot that can get four cubes yet. What is your lift geared at? From the video it looks like 1:7 but I’m not entirely sure. What were some challenges you guys faced in designing your robot to pick up four cubes at a time?

I literally shouted out OMG in school lunchroom when I saw this a moment ago. Wow. Just, Wow.

At this point, this is a strategy that I personally like. At worlds everyone can build a 60 pts skyrise. Bots like this that can quickly lock in field goal scores will be the difference.

Still a few questions:

can it score on high goal?
how tall a skyrise can it score on?
Holy cow is that a 1:7 8 bar handling 4 cubes? :smiley:

If you look closely you can see that the lift is pneumatically assisted. Very impressive!

I didn’t catch that.

I was wondering how in the heck they managed to lift 4 cubes…but that would explain it.

My 4 motor 7:1 rd4b can easily lift 4 cubes. The trick is to use constant force rubberbanding, and have a well tuned lift.

Holy cow I just saw that this is a hybrid lift!!! OMG I designed a hybrid double reverse six for an entire weekend and finally decided to scrap it off because double reverse is a strong enough lift. But this has always been my dream. My last dream was hybrid shifting x drive, this one is hybrid lift. Sadly I didn’t have the determination or experience to do any of them.

What exactly do you mean? This looks like an 8-bar linkage with a few extra supporting linkages in the middle of the top and bottom parallelograms.

Overall very solid robot. This is a skyrise builder’s dream of a partner.

Cameron, what do you mean by constant force rubberbanding? I have been trying to use rubberbands effectively on my rd4b, but it still does not work. And I assume tuning the lift means like code and stuff.

Most people will attach a set of rubber bands from one bar to the next one to squeeze the parallelograms together and thus help lifting. However, the closer to max height the less stretched the rubber bands giving inconsistent help to the lift. One solution to this is having the rubber bands wrapped around in a triangle formation with two attachments on one bar and only one attachment on the other. This will keep the rubber bands taut throughout the lifts motion. If you need a close up picture I could probably find one but the video shows an example.

I think he means the pneumatic assist.

Not exactly how the constant force works, you could stretch the rubber bands around four points on a parallelogram but even though they remain taut the whole way, they would still assist the lift according to some variant of hooke’s law. The idea behind constant force was to actually attach the rubber bands to some point where as the angle of the arm increases, the rubber bands assist the arm more. So, as the arm raises the rubber bands contract, but they also gain more leverage resulting in a uniform assist. I would link to 599D’s reveal thread for a picture of how this works on a six bar, but the pictures no longer work on that thread (maybe Cedric could fix this if he is reading :p). I can make a new thread going into this further if there is interest because I have no idea if what I am saying is clear.

Here’s a video from 1492 from Sack Attack that hopefully demonstrates: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yngtgmTHRRU