22255A AK Robotics End Season Reveal

Here is the end season reveal video from team 22255A AK Robotics.

You can also check out their bilibili channel for more information: https://space.bilibili.com/397516946?from=search&seid=735517247142747187

a real solid robot!
and finally we get to see what has china been up to :slight_smile:


Impressive autonomous, and the robot looks awesome as well!

One question: what made you go for a geared drive over chain or direct?


I like this reveal a lot, I’m finally able to understand some of the details of the Chinese robots, like the system used to keep the rollers in at the start of the match.

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8192D, have you guys seen many people who use a similar system? I saw quite a few robots on youtube that had rollers which opened in a way that appears similar to that, I just couldn’t tell what the mechanism was.

Emm, so I am a former member of team 8192D (like 7 years ago). This video is from team 22255A. I posted it because they don’t have access to Youtube. I believe they are going to create a VEX Forum account and answer your question.


Oh ok, thanks for getting back to me!!