2250B Robot Reveal

This was our first robot in the sack attack season, right now we are working on our new design, which will probably be revealed like a day before the worlds. Anyway, here are the specs:

4 393’s on the chassis in high speed
4 393’s on the lift with a 7:1 transmission (the images show a 15:1 transmission, but that was changed later during the season)
2 269 on the chainsaw intake.

The robot had an eight bar and an 11 inch wide ramp. If there are any questions, I will gladly answer them :smiley:

What are the bumper switches for?

Each one of those bumpers had a different autonomous, we had a total of 4 routes for the matches.

On the back, it looks like there is a wheely bar that comes out when the arm goes up. Is this true?

Can you post more pictures of your transmission? Is it pneumatic powered?
How well does your intake work?

Yes, the wheely bar comes out when the arm goes up.

Ill look for the pictures, but I dont think we have them with the pistons on, since the pistons where used during the prototyping of the robot and they were taken off since the robot did not actually need them. Plus, it broke many motors due to the difference in speed. The air tank on the back was left since it worked well for a counter weight for the robot.

The intake worked great, good for descoring too!

How did you set this up? Do you have pics/videos of it working and it’s setup?

I’m guessing you could intake the pyramids in 1 sweep with an 11" wide intake?

We mounted a slider on the bottom of the robot with rubber bands pulling it to the back. A shaft holded the slider in place, and when the arm goes up, so does the shaft, letting the slider go back.

I include in the pictures the arm transmissions and pictures of the wheely bar.

Yup, it was great for autonomous :smiley:

That wheelie Bar is so cool. I just might have to steal that idea.

hahaha I suggest that you make a physical limit, so the slider does not come out all the way and get dragged by the robot.

Nice reveal :wink: I’ve always like you guys robot congrats on the excellence award :wink:

hahaha thanks. sadly, JECY will meet her end this weekend. The good thing is that she will be reincarnated in to a new redesigned robot :stuck_out_tongue:

soooo for the Latins I’ll have to look for JECY 2.0?? Or something 100% different?

I don’t think we are going to the latins since we already have a pass and we don’t want to affect the other teams, and its going to be 100% different, and it will be named Monster JECY hahaha