228A Tipping Point Worlds Reveal

Hey everybody! Since it’s my senior year, I wanted to make a reveal of my final robot (before VexU, that is).

I really enjoyed the process this bot took to make, starting with Splash:

And then Splashdown:

And then now, Kepler:

6 Motor 257rpm Drive
1 Motor 1:7 Lift
1 Motor 600rpm Intake
3 Piston Back Clamp
1 Piston Front Locking Clamp

2x Vision Sensors
1x Inertial Sensor
1x Active Tracking Wheel
2x Limit Switches

Auto Routines:
Left Side Rush + Half WP
Left Side 2 Yellow Grab
Left Side 3 Yellow Grab
Basic Mogo Stick Rush
Right Side Rush + Half WP
Right Side Grab 2 Yellow
Right Side Mid + Half WP
2 Full Ring Scoring Autos

I can’t wait to meet all of you at Worlds! Feel free to swing by our pit and ask any questions (and you can ask here, too). We’ll also have stickers!


One of the best looking bots I’ve seen. Looking forward to our match in quals!


How did you get 275 rpm drive?

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Oops, typo. Fixed now

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