23-24 Registration fees

I can’t be the only one shocked by the adjustment of the organization fees for registration after one year, basically a 50% increase, in the email that came out tonight.

We had 6 iq teams last year, more than we normally do just because the last two were free. We probably wouldn’t have done that had we had to pay for the last two teams. This change feels like it will hurt the budget strapped schools, trying to build interest in the program.

It also appears this year that multiple programs at the same location have to be separated out as well (VRC and drones). Again, this feels like it would take away interest from schools wanting to branch out in other programs as well.

Just my two cents

Last year’s details:
2022-2023 Competition Season - REC Foundation.


For any decision there’s always good points and challenging points.

For us, I’m happy they stuck to the cap on registration fees for the season. It allowed us to keep team size reasonable and not be concerned when we added more teams to accommodate interest. We knew the budget and focused on giving the students the best team that gave them the best experience.


I thought I was remembering it incorrectly when I was expecting to pay $650 and then it jumped to $950.
For my organization it just brings the cost to what it was before the increase, but I would have liked a heads up. Budgets are fun when an unexpected $300 shows up