2337B Robot Reveal

While battling broken cortex ports and stripping gears, prevailing as part of the 2nd Alliance and always improving.
2337B presents to you our 2018-2019 VEX Turning Point Robot.

Comment your thoughts and questions.
Happy New Year and Happy Robot Building!!

I really like the stylized test! Spectacular! What software did you use?

@Xenon here is a vid with your ball displacement thing.

Is the video slowed down? You can probably really speed up your wrist, and maybe drive if you’re willing to use HS motors.

Personal favorite editing I have seen so far this season! Not too flashy, or dark – I liked the saturation on the shots from your practice fields, and the elegant motion tracking with the text.

I’m also curious what software and camera you used.

Good luck this season!

Glad you like the video! I used Adobe Premiere Pro 2018 and Adobe After Effects 2018.

And the video is actual speed except for the two sped up clips, we never had a sensor on the wrist so we just slowed it down super far so it was easy to control and line up for the cap and as for the drive, we started out with just one motor per side due to broken cortex ports but eventually upgraded to two per side thanks to y-cables.

Thank you!

My setup is a Canon T6i DSLR with various lenses on an EVO Rage Gen 2 Gimbal and for the software I used Adobe Premiere Pro 2018 in conjunction with Adobe After Effects 2018.