2337F Robot Reveal

Put together a quick video about the robot we’ve built

Chain bar with passive mobile goal mechanism

You might want to up the gear ratio in your chainbar for speed

12 point autonomous?
Isn’t that just 7?

12 if they get the highest stack bonus.

I don’t think you can get a highest stack bonus in auton

yes you can

For the purpose of securing the autonomous bonus, highest stack bonus is part of the scoring. However, winning the highest stack bonus in autonomous means nothing beyond that. It is in no way recorded for scoring at the end of the match.

So essentially, it helps you win autonomous but doesn’t give you any real points? (Unless you win autonomous)

That would be correct. It’s the same as the post ownership points in Skyrise, or the High Hang in Starstruck, or a number of other means of scoring in previous games.

Thanks for the clarification @Aponthis.