2344B Pre-Worlds 2014 Reveal Video: Zenith

Team 2344B, Teh Robnots, from Clear Springs High School, part of Clear Creek ISD in League City, TX would like to present our very first entry to the VEX World Championships in our team’s history.

Additionally, the following video provides an extra look into our scoring capabilities and “magic” intake system.


-CSHS Team 2344](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7BDD_tmF5dA)

Wow, Great Robot! Hope to see all of it’s capabilities in person!

P.S. You might like our Paint Scheme (#118)

-2880A Disco

Nice Robot… I Love the Lights!!

Just make sure the LEDs are removed before inspection as they are not legal.

Wow. Probably the best magic intake i have seen throughout the season. Check out how it touches a ball and the ball gets taken up… Impressive.
Also, are those VEX LED lights? They seem to be programmed by the cortex. If not then i would probably say that they are illegal, because they do send back information to you.

Awesome lighting effects in the video. Is that a four bar lift? love the pneumatic hang and fluid intake. Good luck at Worlds!

The lights are Armacost RGB LED Tape Lights, no affiliation with VEX, and purely for decorative purposes. They are not programmed, but are instead controlled remotely, and are powered by a 9V removable backup battery. They will not be recieving any power during a match and their respective battery will be taken off for during matches, in order to prevent issues with legality.

The green lightning effects were made by shining a laser pointer through a bag of water. The lift is a four bar, very similar to 2880A’s, except only two motors, allowing for a six 393 high speed drive.

Thanks! Good luck to your team too!

I’m Glad to see that we inspired some fellow texans :slight_smile:

You guys are going to do great, in FRC, and VRC
Be sure to stop by Wednesday!

Yeah, both of my robots at the South Texas Regional had four bars :slight_smile:

I’ll definitely stop by at some point. I look forward to seeing your robot perform at World’s. If nationals is anything to go by, I’m sure you’ll be very successful in Anaheim.

I love the hang. Great job :slight_smile:

Looks like a solid bot. Good luck at Worlds!

Thanks! My decision to have a six motor drive was inspired by your robot. I tried a few different low hanging mechanisms, but pneumatics were the most reliable and fast. The only issue is that you have to remove all the slop in the lift, which was a substantial challenge :rolleyes:

Thanks! Yes, 6 motor drives are OP. We didn’t have to worry about the “slop” in the lift. I really like all the different pneumatic hanging systems. Not one is the same (from what I have seen).

Good luck to you and your team! Make sure to stop by our pit!