2353A Worlds Reveal 2016

2353A Bellas Artes 2016 Worlds Reveal

Art Division

Please If you have any questions about the robot, please free feel to ask.

Can you shoot full court? It wasn’t shown in the video

Yes. It can shoot from all parts of the field

I like the extended front side rollers nice job!

Yeah our driver wanted to pick up balls more selectively, so he came up with the idea.

I really like this! Its the first reveal ive seen by a spanish speaking team! Ive been looking for something like this for a while. My school’s 2 way program set up a two way robotics team, and we’ve been waiting for an oppurtunity like this to be able to communicate with other spanish speaking teams. Awesome job, by the way! Intake design is awesome.

Thanks for the feedback!