2373A Robonauts Worlds Reveal

The Robonauts are proud to present their robot to play VEX In The Zone. Good luck to all teams!


Interesting… the video is exactly 1:18 long, was that done on purpose? 118 is the other robonauts number from FRC

Think 118 was also robonauts in VRC.

In fact I am really interested t know if 2373a and 118 are in any ways related.

I assume so… the OP has 118 in his team number part of his profile. Also yeah 118 was robonauts in VRC in the past, I don’t think they compete any more in VRC but they were really good in skyrise from the videos I’ve seen

Also, this thread was made 2 seconds away from 1:18 in some places (assuming this was posted 12:17:58 AM EST, it was 1:17:58 in Halifax, Brazilia, Seoul, and Tokyo).

Looking at vex db… it appears they’re from the same org or region…

118 during Skyrise was incredible.

I’m interested to see why you went with a chain bar instead of the “meta design” of a 4bar on a dr4b/r46b.
Is it because of consistency? Because at this speed of stacking, it really has to be extremely consistent to have a fighting chance. Unless this is supposed to be a joke robot.

This is the same Robonauts as in FRC. Just a small subset of that sixty-student team, with a few members who just do vex too. The same students drive Illusion.

2373A decided to focus on autonomous consistency while still fighting for the highest stack bonus in the 20 point zone by placing more cones onto the goal after autonomous. They also prioritized a fast, strong, and reliable drivetrain, leading them to use a 6-motor drive. This robot has served them well through the season.

As a disclaimer, I am not a student on 2373A. Just a college student turned “strategic advisor”.

So is team 118 vex mostly dead?

“118” is not registered to compete. VRC teams 2344, 2335, 2373, 3118, and 7858 have always been made up, in part, of students on FRC team 118.

Interesting. Would it be a possibility for me to join one of your vrc teams?

I’m not the person to ask, sorry.

2373A is excited to play in the Math division!

The room in that video looks so familiar…

Good Luck at Worlds

A huge thanks to Texas City for letting us practice in your build space.

Let’s see if we can make a good showing for South Texas at worlds :slight_smile:

Ya’ll want to come by Monday or Tuesday next week, we can run some matches. Good Luck to you guys at FRC Champs next week too. Going to be a crazy rest of the month.

Thanks for the offer! However, we can’t because we are going to be cramming in driver practice for champs all next week. On a side note, we are ECSTATIC about the bus ride up to Kentucky with ya’ll :slight_smile:

Beautiful as always. Looks like the Robonauts are back in business! Gl at worlds!

(p.s. congrats on Dallas Regional w/ 148, best finals I’ve seen this season)