2381C Early Season Reveal

4m 200rpm transmission drive / angler
1m 200rpm H-drive
1m 100rpm 1:5 2 bar
2m 100rpm intake

This is our competition robot all the way from August to the present, competing in 2 tournaments. We are just leaving this here and currently rebuilding for late season.

If you have any questions just leave them here!


Very impressive angle transmission! I can’t wait until someone uses that concept to free up a motor for something other than H-drive :wink: :wink:


Awesome! love the H drive and the way to get the middle tower. Good luck on your rebuild!


How did you do the transmission for h drive to the angler? I’m not very good with transmissions but I’m always looking to learn more about them. Also what gear ratio do you have the angler on?

The transmission is solely responsible for the drivetrain and the angler. The H-Drive center wheel is independantly controlled by a seperate motor.

The gear ratio of the angler is technically 1:1. But it has 4 motors driving it forwards and back, providing us enough force.

How to you get the compression on the rollers. Is there a compression system with rubber bands, or are they just spaced perfectly.

too many hours playing with different ratios and methods. Bands help. It’s going to be different for everybot.

Or you could holecount somebody else :wink:

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There are many ways to get compression, and one of the best methods is just to minimize flex. This can be done by properly bracing the goofy arms, for example. Another thing you can try is moving the rollers closer together. Rubber bands help, but it depends on what style of intake you are running.

Great robot! How many cubes can the tilter push?


This is an interesting question - because the theoretical limit is a lot higher than the practical or actual limit that you’re experiencing, and it’s hard to compare the power of 4 motors geared 1:7 compared to 1 motor geared 1:28.

Apart from that, with this particular transmission (if I recall correctly); there were a few nuances that the team had to work to overcome - until they had solved those initial issues the tilter was struggling to do 9/10 cubes, but now it does that size fairly easily (as you can see in the reveal).

All of it comes down to different geometries and reducing friction. Later on, you could probably see a benefit from adding rubber bands to assist with everything.


What do you mean by this? If the cars are spinning a pinion over the travel gear (84tooth in this case) the tilt will be 7:1.
As you guys say, 4m 200rpm 7:1 is the equivalent torque to 1m 100rpm 14:1. That should be twice the torque necessary. Do you think struggling to tilt was due purely to friction? You guys have a pretty long lever arm which isn’t ideal for tilt leverage, but with double the required torque that still shouldn’t cause any issues.
Rn I’ve got the same setup 4m 200rpm 7:1 drive/tilt but I was thinking about switching down to 5:1 to save space (still 1m 100rpm 10:1 equivalent). Do you guys think 5:1 will be viable, or is 7:1 already pushing it?


Yeah my bad I was thinking about the system in the wrong way. If you look at the gears as levers then it is 1:7 indeed.

The struggle for tiliting was mostly due to friction, leading to heating motors, so I think 1:10 may be viable, although you might have to test it out.


The current bot’s cube capacity is 9, and it pushes it with ease.