2381X Miffy2 -2 fall reveal.

Here we go guys! second robot, proper reveal!

I like how compact everything is! Your robot takes up a very small footprint. I can see the issue with the ground caps you showed in the video, but, not being the point of the robot, it’s perfectly fine.

Very nice! Do you have plans to add an outer lift?

Our descore can do ground caps but it’s easier for us to use the run-into-wall method. We do have a chainbar in the works - it attaches the same way as a descore, but flips out the back.

I currently have a chain bar. Works pretty well. Can attatch video/picture if wanted.

nice! still prefer catapults to flywheels, but looks like that one works well enough.

haha our entire robot is currently “works well enough”. The rebuild will do better. Hopefully.

well, you can’t get much better then that, It’d probably beat my current bot. double catapult (sort of, wasn’t supposed to be a double catapult, but…), and a cap flipper. my best bot so far, hopefully will get me to states. but there is quite a bit of competition in southern california

What happened to the dr4b plans?

See…we ran out of alum…