2381X TNP CAD 003

Hi Friends!

First completed CAD from 2381X. We’re already re-doing it because…well…there are better ways to do what we want to do, so we thought we’d release our CAD (especially for newer teams who don’t really have anywhere to start). The file is a 3d pdf (I can make it something else if you want but 3d pdf is easiest for us to distribute).

This was done as part of a school project, so I might have…some…unecessary parts that you wouldn’t really want on a competition robot (but makes the school project flex). Any questions welcome.

Note: there is also a whole bunch of videos on youtube which is just me screen recording me building the robot - if you wanted to for whatever reason go back and look. Playlist link here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhTM6CnvnDUt1twiV3H_4WuImeJ7NFjN_

2381X_003.pdf (40.7 MB)

Thanks! Is there anyway you could send it as annautodesk file? (Iam, etc.)

Were starting a new team this yr in the UK and are really excited…this will definitely give us some support! Thanks again!

I’ve attached a link to the project folder which is uploaded to drive.


I know it’s not best practice for you guys to copy, I’m hoping that you won’t do that, and keep in mind that this design isn’t the best. Feel free to take the ideas in here and use them elsewhere though. I’d suggest taking a look at robots from other seasons as well, and the best thing to do would be to experiment (although that isn’t always possible).

I promise we’re not copying we’ve already made cad of our robot but wanted to see your mechanism for the brake system just to get some inspiration and generate some ideas. Thanks again!

Very happy to have helped! The brake system was probably the last thing I did, so it’s not made as well (not completely finished). I’d take a look at the ri3d from nbn that cameron s did. I think I also have the build on yt (pt4?).

Hey again…I’m having problems with opening the documents and I think it’s because I don’t have the parts you used in your assembly. If possible, please could you send the parts folder? Thanks.

Thanks will have a look at that :slight_smile:

It should all be in the drive folder! I’m using the BNS CAD Parts library. I’m not too sure how inventor works with project files and folders though.

Found it! Thanks!

do you have a solidworks assembly file for it by any chance?

Nope, sorry. If you want a specific format I can try to export it out in that format?

Would you help me check if there is a .asm export option. Never used inventor before sorry

Solidworks uses .asm for assembly files. Solidworks conversion from inventor is very sketchy and often messes up

Here’s all i can export.

I’ve tried exporting inventor to SolidWorks before and the best way I have found is by exporting them in inventor as IGES Files. Hope this helps.

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would you be able to upload them as IGES file?


My boi from Canadia. Keep it up. You’re growing to be a strong competitor