2382a Reveal

We’re proud to present our newest NBN robot competing in MATH division: Icarus.

-4 motor High Speed Drive on 4"
-4 motor single flywheel 36:1
-2 motor intake 7.2:1
-Pneumatic rubber band powered lift
-Pneumatic intake cover

32 balls exceeds the maximum 4 balls. :smiley:
Nice robot! I really like the lift.

Damn Daniels, really good robot and the 32 bps exceeded my expectations! :wink:

Great reveal! I hope we can have some matches together this week.

It seems like half of the reveals are from the math division this year.

Good luck!

How light does a robot have to be to be high lifted?

The heaviest high lift tobot we have lifted was 28 lb. We just have to adjyst the Rubber band combination. I think I can post a video later on today of that lift.

Ikr, math division is looking so hard

Nice robot and the lift is an added bonus! Not many of those in robots. Good luck at worlds.

As you can see the sliders bend when the robot is really heavy (23+ pounds) and our robot leans more but the four bar offset compensates and keeps the robot from falling

Thw robot in the video weights 28 pounds