24 team competition

Soon I’m going to the zionsville toss up competition. It shows that there are only 24 teams registered would this mean that every team is guaranteed a spot in the elimination rounds? Or would each team only pick 1 other robot?

Jarred - Read the rules :slight_smile: - They describe how a 24-team tournament operates.

Also - Remember that in situations like this, having a consistent reliable robot is (should be) more valuable than a flashy robot, to whoever is thinking about drafting you into their elimination round alliance.

The final teams from Zionsville have yet to register (another 10-12 teams), it’ll operate like most other (small) competitions.

Ok thanks. See you there

You are correct. Each team would be in the eliminations. Unfortunately, there will most likely be 35+ teams there so you want to be top 8 to ensure elim.

I will also see you there, and hope to meet you :slight_smile: I will be ref’ing the competition.

Yeah you too :smiley: