241N Worlds Teaser

Here is our teaser video for worlds. Get ready to be highlighted. And we mean high.
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I had no idea that you can launch robots into the nets for points! WHY EVEN BOTHER WITH HIGH LIFTING WHEN YOU CAN SCORE POINTS LIKE THIS!

Scoring robots in the low goal is truly a revolutionary strategy. Might as well hand you the red trophies now.

I do hope you have a few backups of your robot saved for that video. If you use RobotC, you can always restore a backup of your robot by looking in a recycling bin. =)

I feel like throwing the robot (even if it is just a chassis) is just careless, the parts do cost money…

no worries, the field was well cushioned, and for the second shot someone actually caught the robot. So no worries, all parts intact.

ipieroni, no worries, we made sure to copy and paste the robot in the code, and have now re-downloaded the bot to our profile for worlds.

Oh my god, are they ok? The only thing worse than throwing a valuable sharp metal cube into the air is throwing a valuable sharp metal cube into the air at someone.

the second one was not travelking quickly when the person caught it. We were safe, no worries.