2460 - Robot Unveil


(Each side) 1 393, 2 269.
6 Wheel drive with a 24:15 or 24:18 sprocket ratio with 4" wheels

(Each side) 1 393.
6-bar linkage 1:3-3:5 (1:8.3)

(Each side) 1 269.
4-sided intake roller style.
(held up to 7)


Hal-E II.1 (90% aluminum)

(Each Side) 1 396, 3 269…
6-Wheel drive with a 5:3-5:3 ( 2.56:1 ) gear & sprocket ratio with 2.75" wheels. Center wheel a traction wheel and outer wheels the double omni wheels.

(Each side) 1 393.
6-bar linkage 1:3-3:5 (1:8.3)

(Each Side) 1 dual acting pneumatic piston.

Made to be able to drive over 2 objects, 1 ball on top of a barrel.





I really like the ball-on-barrel straddling design. That’ll let you nearly drive over the game object wall in the interaction zone.

Needs a back-view picture to show how the towers are held together, just by the cortex?
Looks like very high CG.
Complicated gear trains, with cantilevered drive sprockets(?!),
lots of fianl torque passing through axles.

Interesting high center design though.

I see a c-channel in the picture of the left of the robot.

I like the pics of your robot. I think it will do pretty well in competitions. But I agree with jgraber with having a pic of the back of your robot so we can see where the cortex will be. Pretty good robot if I have to admitt

Yeah, it is being held together with a 1x5x35 steel c-chanel.

Also there are no shafts not connecting at just 1 point v I have never done that with vex and do not plan to. I will post pictures after robotics.

Edit: have scored 31 pts in drivers skills.

Thats impressive

I like your intake. Do you find it hard to pick up objects if there are objects already in it?

Also how fast is the lift?

cool robot!

By the looks of it, I don’t think it would be hard to pick up objects, but that’s just me. I still agree with mcops, is the life fast. Otherwise, nice bot.

wow that intakes looks very familiar… i like it though… definitely like it.

The lift is quite fast. its a 1:8.3 soo it is not much slower than a 1:7 or a 12 tooth to a 84 tooth. it is not hard to pick up balls, but maybe thats just me :).

what system do you have to lift the linear slides

Rubber bands…

are your slide rails used on the collect made of cold steel or what? I suppose the collector would be too heavy to lift with them.

Wow, what is the gear ratio for the wheels? Looks pretty fast, have you ever had overheating issues at all?

If you read the post it says its a 2.56:1 gear ratio

Upon checking the pictures more carefully, there is clearly an outboard bearing on the main drive sprocket shaft. My mistake, I don’t know how I could have missed it.

The end of a 1x5 back C channel can be seen in one picture also.
I find that crossed C channels in Vex have a lot of wiggle room, due to slop, due to size of vex metal holes vs the #8 screws. Using Shoulder bolts can help this some what.
Good luck in competition.

We have been paired up with a team that has a similar robot, and they preformed great! The one bonus feature I see that this design has is the scoring of 5+ objects in less than 1 second.

I really like your intake design.

Just curious, do you have any videos of your robot practicing, or robot skills?

Good job, and good luck!

I was just thinking that the intake looks familiar, but other than that, pretty good bot