2496J + 2496Y Turning Point Fall Dual Reveal

Qualified through tournament champions at the 9th Annual Chula Vista VEX Regional

6m 1:1 HS Drive
4m HS 5:1 Lift
1m Torque Wrist
1x Tournament Champions

10m 1:1 Turbo Drive
1m 3:1 Torque Arm
1m 3:1 Torque Cap Descoring Mechanism
1x Tournament Champion
1x Excellence Award
1x Skills Champion

*Awards listed above were won from this season of Vex, past accolades are not listed

See you at state!

The auton tho…I’m like done.

How did you make the claw flip out on the 2496J robot?

We built our intake on a pivot point so our claw can fold in. We only need the momentum from going forward and backward once at the beginning of our auton to unfold it.

Haha, definitely took a while for both teams to get it working consistently

Still super impressive tbh.

Wow! great robots. keep up the good work.

As you’re driving, is there a mechanism to keep the claw still or do you rely on gravity to prevent movement?

Our intake and wrist mechanisms are heavy enough that we can rely on gravity (it stays parallel to the ground using a mechanical stop) and not worry about it moving back upward.

Thank you guys so much!

That simultaneous coordinated auton was like fine art. Nice robots, love the video/Halloween theme too. Congrats on the tourney! How does the 2496J robot align with the polls? Or just driver estimation?

@Ashwin Gupta

Originally we planned to have Sonar but just for this comp we used estimation (which required tons of practice lol) just for experimenting. However, soon we will get likely get sonar again for lineups or see if we stick with what it is right now, depending on what our tests show.

@realjohnpark Wait but both teams won’t always be in the same alliance though, so the potential regarding autonomous mode isn’t maximized unless both of the teams are in an alliance together… correct? (Newbie here…sorry!)

@TitanRey15 you are correct, but I think the point of them working together is for eliminations, where they will likely choose each other for alliance partners.


I have my HS teams do this.

It seems like a great idea, but there is one standout team at my school (not to name any names) and they are kind of the only one this year that really have a chance at being a captain.
But for the organizations that can do it, it’s great to get them practicing and learning together so they can get their chemistry working.

Yep. Safety nets during alliance selections make qualifying during regionals significantly easier than if we did not.