2496V Worlds In the Zone Reveal

Message from our 2496V members:

Technology Division
See you at worlds!

1m claw
4m lift
4m drive
2m mogo
1m other thing
Custom Polycarb Passive+Active Claw
Autostack code.

Bonus: here’s a match video (bottom left robot) this was back in Feb. before the auton was finished

Lemme guess brake

Also slow stacking compared to what I’ve seen

I’m against you in our first qualifier. Looking forward to it :slight_smile:

I’m part of their school district so I have gotten to play with and against them a lot. I can say, especially after playing with them again this weekend, that this video doesn’t really show how strong of a team they are or how fast they stack.


I think that “other thing” is their secondary 4-bar.

Hey that other red alliance team is super op don’t you think. 10/10 going to win Worlds.

Oh I see

where my boi ashwin at

Looking Great and Fresh. The layered polycarb. claw w/ zip ties seems like a great idea!

Good Luck Guys!

Lookin spicy bois, wish u the best, also can’t wait to hear about those next level shark passes at worlds!

Looks like a nice bot. I especially like the custom lexan intake.