2496Y Skills Run


That is insane! I love the simplicity of the design, and it’s definitely a robot to beat!

why does everyone use this song it makes me want to die

good thing they change it to a better one at 0:10

Oh… it’s the Flower Alliance…

Current members are 7700, 8059 and now 2496…

Entry criteria is easy - just make sure you have a good reveal video using the flower song…

Your turns are absolutely fantastic. Great job!


Really impressive PID, your turns look so clean! Too bad there’s no more world skills ranking for this to actually matter… ;( But seriously, really clean robot and programming, good luck!

Can teams still get to worlds via skills?

Unfortunately, that route is now non-existent. :frowning:

Thank you, we really appreciate your kind words. We worked really hard to perfect it!

Peep the unnecessary 360 degree turn at 1:21 (not sure why I did it, but it looks cool)

Impressive programming, clean build, and stellar driving. Congrats 2496Y!

Neat skills run and may i ask is the programming run reliable? it looks fairly reliable with those clean turns but you do an awful lot of wall lineups and given from my 16 point prog skills run attempts with a total of two lineups on the wall at a recent skills tournament balls rolling in the way of wall lineups is quite a problem.

The prog. run is fairly reliable (maybe 70-80% give or take). The run shown in the video is the first attempt at filming it. there are a lot of wall lineups, but if a ball rolls into the way, as long as it doesnt mess the angle up to an extreme, the error is mitigated by the next lineup. I think the line ups are a good failsafe.

Pretty decent run, really liked the cap flipper
Can’t wait to see how you do this season!

Edit: 15 pt programming is pretty impressive, ngl

Nice job 2496Y. That PID is great.

Congrats on being the #1 skills team in the world right now