Here’s our 2496Y team’s reveal

Message from 2496Y team:
6m hs drive
2m 5:1 lift
1m mobile goal
1m Vader cone Intake
2m the other thing

Science Division

See you at Worlds!

This is gonna win worlds I’m calling it now. 10/10 great robot!!!

Wow. You guys are pretty fast at loaders.
Quick question, what was the rationale behind choosing a “Vader” cone intake?

Good luck 2496Y.

Initially, we wanted to go with something similar to the “Cellar” intake, which had an active grab and a passive release. We tried to accomplish this through having this same design except for a slit in the back of the polycarb back, however we did not have enough time to troubleshoot the many problems that we ran into nor did it look like it was going to work out for us. As a result, we simply removed the slit and made a few more modifications and came up with the “Vader” intake.

I mean no offense to this team or any other (I wrote this comment in my head before even watching the video), but these kind of predictions are a little absurd. Firstly, robots do not always work as well at Worlds as they do in the reveal. Secondly, there are plenty of other teams who are likely just as good, revealed and unrevealed. For instance, we see very little from China here. Thirdly, there are almost 600 teams competing. Out of all 600(ish), no one has a good chance of winning Worlds. A bigger chance than others? Sure. But not a good chance.

Nah he’s just joking it’s just another one of those stoopid freshmans from my team

Hi, so I actually wrote that post as a joke, I’m actually on the team that this reveal belongs to, as you can see by the numbers next to my name. The prediction was definitely not legit, just poking fun. :slight_smile:

Sorry, I can’t see team numbers on mobile…

it seems that 2496 reveals get more troll comments from other 2496 members than actual people :stuck_out_tongue: xD
[insert eye roll here]