2527A The FIVE Descoring Reveal for Perseus

Team 2527A The FIVE from Oconomowoc, Wisconsin is very proud to present our Toss Up robot for the 2013-2014 World Championships. 2527A is our new team number for High School. Our middle school number was 2177 (as my name shows:D) and you may recognize us as Sack Attack Middle School National Champions and both Sack Attack and Gateway Middle School World Championship Excellence Award recipients. This is our first year in high school and our 5th year in Vex. We never stressed having a reveal video before but with a new number and our first year in high school we thought getting our name in the community prior to worlds was a good idea. We are running a 6 motor and 6 wheel base internally geared for speed and a 1:15 ratio on the lift with 2 internally geared up for speed motors. Our intake is a single motor internally geared for torque with an external ratio of 1:3 for speed. Our last motor is operating a winch system on the back of our robot which allows us to high hang with a ball and a plastic locking system. We use one pneumatic piston to descore the stash and also pull up our hanging hooks with a single pneumatic tank. We hope to meet lots of new people at worlds and show them all our robot, Perseus! In Greek Perseus means “To Destroy” so we thought it was a good name choice:p. Good luck!:slight_smile:

Somebody just give them the innovate award now.

Nice bot as always guys!! Represent WI well… Some of your de scores at the US Open were pretty intense. Good luck gents


Very cool. Did you have any problems with refs saying that you were intentionally removing balls from the field?
See you at worlds.

There we go. Finally, wisconsin descorer reveals!
Very very cool robot. Efficient scissors lift, intake, drive and dongle are indeed amazing. If you guys can gain more practice and descore more efficiently, then obviousely you are one unexpected game turner at worlds.
One question. I know you can effectively take up balls locked up on the barrer, but have you tried driving directly under a locked buckey ball and let your dongle pop it out? Pretty sure you can do that based on the video.

When removing objects that are stashed, it is legal to intentionally move them out of the field.

From what I saw at the US Open, there weren’t any problems with the bucky balls they were descoring leaving the field. The refs just placed them back in the goal zone on the floor.

Great Robot!!! With the best scissor lift that I have seen and also a great de-scorer. Is your robot considered in possession of buckies as it lifts them from the tube, thus meaning than you cannot immediately refill the tube with your alliance’s Buckies? Also are you considered Trapping the Buckies in the tube whilst de-scoring? (:confused: just curious) To repeat myself your robot looks Great!! Best of luck for Worlds!!!

Yes, the buckies being descored count as possessed. No, the buckies below them don’t count as trapped.

Thanks for the kind words - unfortunately we did not win the innovate award at the US Open. :confused:

We are excited for this robot and as always want to bring something unique to the competition.

The bucky’s being de-scored count within your SG-8 possession limit. You will notice that the robot can hold 2 of our own balls while we de-score one at a time. Once the balls are de-scored we turn around and place our balls into the stash. (https://vexforum.com/t/answered-descore-capacity/25695/1) Also note in the official ruling the knocking the top ball off/out does not count towards your 3 ball possession limit.

As for game objects leaving the field during the process of de-scoring, an official ruling on this was made last October. ([https://vexforum.com/t/answered-intentional-stashed-removal-clarification/24569/1) Besides, think of how often we have seen large balls knocked off of “capped” positions to be returned to the goal zone.

We look forward to great competition at world’s. See you all there.](https://vexforum.com/t/answered-intentional-stashed-removal-clarification/24569/1) Besides, think of how often we have seen large balls knocked off of “capped” positions to be returned to the goal zone.)

Its already been said at least once but no we haven’t had trouble with kicking balls out of the field simple because its legal under a act of scoring and descoring.:wink:

Also for a closer look here the link to our innovate award entry. Somehow I forgot this link in the initial reveal.

As always, great bot guys! It was a lot of fun competing with you in the past and I look forward to seeing you guys compete in the future! Best of luck at worlds!