2527A The FIVE - Worlds Reveal

Team 2527A is proud to present our robot that we will bring to the 2017 world championship.

Robot Specs:
6 motor (240 RPM) drive with 4 inch wheels
4 motor (100 RPM) arm geared 1:5
2 motor (100 RPM) intake geared 1:5
Wide variety of autonomous modes

This season we have only competed at four competitions so far, two regional events in December, our state championship in March, and the US OPEN last week. At state we finished in 2nd after qualifications and were captain of the finalist alliance with 1200F and 1790B. At the US OPEN we finished in 3rd in the green division and were captain of a semi-finalist alliance with 1200F and 134A. Worlds will be the last tournament 2527A will attend after our 8 seasons competing. We would like to thank Spectrum Aluminum Finishing for helping us make our final robot look outstanding. Here are a few match videos of us at nationals.

Very nice, guys. It has been an honor and pleasure to compete with you and against you over the years. See you at Worlds.

do you guys have problems with burn outs on your lift. I’ve never seen less than 6 motors on the arm.

Same to you guys. Once again great job to you guys at the open. Hope to see you at events in the future as a volunteer.

We are able to run our lift with only 4 motors with the help of an elastic assist.

ive seen 2

Omg it was so fun playing with you guys! The matches were so close between us, and I hope to see you at worlds! With us, we were EXTREMELY unlucky with 7/10 qualification matches where our teammates fell almost every time at the start of the match. Here’s a good example, where RIGHT when the driver control period starts, our teammate falls within a second of the bell ringing. Very unlucky at Nationals :L :

Best of luck to your team at worlds!

If anyone on your team is graduating this year and plans to attend UW-Milwaukee in the fall, let me know if they want to get involved with our VEX U team.

Same goes for anyone from @536Mentor (or any Wisconsin team for that matter!)

Great job at the U.S Open, good luck at worlds it was fun playing with you guys in match 25

It’s been a absolute pleasure boys. See you at Worlds.

It’s been great competing with and against you guys over the years. We had some great matches at the US Open and wish you guys luck at Worlds!

Bot looks good as ever, looking forward to one last competition with you guys…

For as long as we’ve competed in Vex, the FIVE have produced consistently competitive and innovative robots and have been a pleasure to play both with and against. This robot is no different. It looks stunning and performs even better. Driving ability is one of if not the most important factors in setting a team apart from the crowd in a game like this and 2527a has two of the best drivers I’ve ever known. Your claw control is one of my favorite things in particular. It’s been an amazing experience being both your friends and rivals for all these years and 400 wishes you the best of luck at our last World Championship.

As for the robot, it is one of the fastest and highest capacity dumpers I’ve seen thus far and is driven with brutal efficiency. Definitely one of the top competitors at the US Open, the teams in your division should be wary. I think we need to run another Wisconsin vs Texas practice match here in about a week ;).

Yea we noticed you guys were much better than your ranking indicated :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads up! We actually don’t have any seniors planning on going to UW Milwaukee as of right now, but I’m sure you will find plenty of interested incoming freshman as the Wisconsin high school vex program has a lot of seniors.

Thanks guys! We enjoyed getting to know you over the course of the weekend!

Both excited and dreading the end of our vex careers. See you soon Higs bro

Thanks guys. You have a great bot this year, we might have to run a practice match Wednesday!

Right back at ya Berg.

Your so on Maxx, Wisco is coming in hot this time.

Wisconsin Tony is here lol

2527a will be competing in the Math Division this week. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our robot, including how we colored everything. Stop by our pit to find out more, should arrive around 3pm tomorrow!